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Independent Study Update #10

Traits of the Successful Productor

As a producer, one has to adopt characteristics to ensure that a project is successful. In The Game Producer's Handbook, there are several traits listed, but here are five that I find to be the most important out of all of them.

Accepts and Expects Criticism

If you are unable to accept the critiques of not only your client, but your teammates as well, then no progress will be missed. Even though it may sound harsh at the time, it is within these comments that good ideas lay, and they can be the thoughts that move a project past a huge blocker.

Share a Vision

You are the producer; it is your job to ensure teammates understand the overall goal and plan for the project. You are the guiding light in the murky waters of game development. Without you as a beacon, your project will get lost and sink.

Show Respect

If a producer does not show respect for others and their ideas, then they will not respect the producer in turn. Always be willing to hear everybody's input, concerns, and issues with the project, and the team will listen to you when you set schedules and device a plan for the group.

Be Reliable

Be an example to the team; hold yourself accountable in everything you do for the team. If someone needs your help, be ready to assist them to the best of your abilities. Your team will see this, and then reflect this trait in themselves.


Never let the daily challenges of the work get to you. Find humor in as much of the project so that negativity does not invade the workspace. As soon as it does infiltrate the work environment, then production takes a nosedive.

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