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Independent Study Update #2

In my quest to make a producer's pamphlet, I have gone ahead and constructed a questionnaire to ask potential interviewees about their experiences as producers. Questions like "What motivated you to become a producer?" and "How do you with team mates who are uncooperative?" will hopefully provide a better understanding into the mindset and tactics producers have in the real world.

This past Tuesday, I sat down with a friend of mine who just so happens to be a producer out here. Karin Ray is producer at Secret Identity Studios, whose latest release, Marvel Heroes, has been a huge success. She currently oversees the debugging and patch updates for the project. Coming from an art background, Karin did not have an initial interest in producing, but after becoming one during her time at the ETC, she found that she had a natural affinity for the role. She describes her managerial style as being more friendly and open than most producers in the industry, but she rightly points out if you have to spend months of your time with someone, you better become friends with them, otherwise, it will be a nightmare.

Talking with her provided me with an abundance of knowledge and tips on how to approach the position, and I hope that my future interviews will be as enlightening.

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